Our members only club reaches out to you who wants to join our inner circle, our core and heart of business. Not only will you get the usual members only discount on all and every open tasting, but at Smakateljén you also join a fellowship and gets admitted into our family. You will know what we are saying, should you choose aspire for membership.

Membership fee 2017 is 1500SEK for a full year. All members get 25% off on all of our tastings.
Monday club is a weekly short tasting given on –surprise – Mondays. Approximately one week before each Monday, you will get a text on what’s up for the coming short tasting. You simply just answer back your confirmation. Come by yourself at the price of 100SEK, or bring a friend or two at an additional 200SEK. 6pm to 9pm.

Do you want to join? Just drop us an email, and we will see what we can do. Perhaps you can attend as soon as next Monday?