fine print / terms of purchase

Opening hours
Smakateljén is only open for events and tastings. See the calendar for more information. Smakateljén is always staffed at least one hour before testing. Other times by appointment. Full serving rights apply between the hours of 11:00 to 01:00. This means that we can serve beer, wine and spirits.
We accept practically all types of credit cards. Billing can be arranged, if agreed upon booking. For us to send you an invoice we require full contact information including corporate identity.
Durance of tastings
Varies depending on the tasting. Typically between 1.5 hours and 2 hours unless otherwise specified.
Gift certificates
You can acquire gift certificates in various denominations in our online shop. Validity period of one year from date of issue. If the entire amount is used, the holder a credit to use at a later date.
Venue capacity
We have capacity for 24 seated participants in open events. For groups and special events, we can accommodate up to
 60 people, including our staff.

Registration onto and booking our open tests is binding, but in the event of indisposition, do not hesitate to give the place to anyone of your choosing. They are not personal. For questions, impediment or delay, please contact us as soon as possible and we assure you we will do our best to assist you and, preferably,  book you onto a new date. Any changes in the program beyond our control or due to mistakes from our side will be handled according to swedish cancellation policies from Vista:

Prestige tastings and other unique tasting can not be rebooked. This applies for instance when taste conductors from other companies or even from abroad are visiting.
All tastings are held in Swedish, unless otherwise indicated. We also have the capacity, if desired, to arrange for tastings in English and Spanish, if agreed so in advance.
Any type of food can be arranged but need to be ordered in advance.
Practical information
The premises are completely smoke-free. 18 years of age to be served alcohol. Pets are allowed. WiFi available. Ask the staff for the password.
Smakateljén is run by:
Krogfront AB med org.nummer. 556517-7820.
Kocksgatan 1
116 24 Stockholm
Fredde Lindberg +46(0)70-541 38 99