Welcome to the tasting studio - SMAKATéljen!

Please visit our calendar and web shop for upcoming tastings and events and book your seat. You may also e-mail us your request for an event for us to meet your individual preferences. Please find further information on all public eventd you will find under "Tastings".

We arrange various tastings including  wine, beer, tequila, rum, gin,  whisky and more! All our tastings include food pairing with a selection of delicacies.

Our founders and crew holds long and valuable peer experience of indulgence and from the food and beverage industry. Read more about the rest of our team!

Our membership club welcomes anyone interested in enjoying good food and beverage; eager to discover new tastings and combinations of food and drinks.
Our Members Night is on mondays, exclusively for members and their guests.

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Address: Rådmansgatan 72
Postal code: 113 60 Stockholm